6:45 pm         Registration opens

7:30–11:30     Welcome dance with Carol and David “team calling” with Northern Aire and Latter Day Lizards, 

11:30 pm       Campfire Gathering at Loonie Lodge



9:00 am        Coffee and registration

9:30-10:30    Hambo workshop (Craig Johnson and Gaelyn Beal, with Tim Reese on nyckelharpa)

9:30-10:30    “Campfire Talk” in the Looney Lodge.  “Contras vs. Squares: 300 Years of Country Dance History” with David Millstone

10:45-12:15  Contra dance/workshop. “Changing Contra Choreography” with David and Lizards

12:15–1:45    Lunch break

1:45–3:15      Contra dance/workshop with Carol and Lizards

3:30–5:00      Contra dance/workshop with Carol and Northern Aire

5:00-8:00       Dinner Break

8:00-11:00     North Star Ball with Latter Day Lizards and Carol Ormand and David Millstone

11:15–12:30   Late night dance party with Papa John Kolstad and the Hot Club of East Lake


10:00 –11:00   Brunch (included in price of weekend)

11:00-11:30     Singing around the campfire

10:30 –11:30    Couples dancing with Northern Aire

11:40 –2:30      Farewell dance with both bands and both callers


If you are staying over Sunday night, join us at Tapestry for a special English Country Dance with David Millstone and the Latter Day Lizards!

English Country Dance, 7-9 pm, $5