The 2017 Crop of Loons

The committee:

Linda Ellinger – budget, program
Craig Johnson – program , Website
Claudia Beerman – budget, lunch
Dathon Branch – marketing, site manager
Hollie Benton – registration
Heather Svoboda – admissions, puppets
Ed Kvarnes – volunteers, scholarships
Donna Francisco – event chair, program
Heidi Boehl – scribe, t-shirts
Supporting cast:
Deb Sampson – T-shirt design, graphics
Celia Swanson – snack Queen
Sue Martin – snack Princess
Monique Meister – decorations
Jeannie Inglehart – brunch Queen
Robin Murie – hospitality housing
Ed and Elaine – house managers
David Kirshner – surveys
Trish Finn – photography
Pat O’Laughlin – photography
Greg Njoes – Richfield Flowers
Doug Lohman – Sound
Tapestry Staff
Christy, Dana and Michael at Tapestry provide
invaluable administrative support