Call of the Loon 2017

April 7-9, 2017 - Tapestry Folkdance Center - Minneapolis, MN


The Latter Day Lizards with Stuart Kenney,  David Millstone, Carol Ormand, and Northern Aire

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Latter Day Lizards

The Lizards are a New England based dance band featuring a trio of musicians fervent with the desire and talent to ignite flames under dancing feet. With a wide ranging and hopelessly eclectic repertoire including everything from Irish and Scottish traditional jigs and reels to Balkan, blues and swing tunes

Stuart Kenney

Stuart with his banjo and bass will be joining the Latter Day Lizards at Call of the Loon.  Stuart is a fixture in the traditional music and dance world.  He plays in several bands including Tidal Wave and the String Rays.  He is an organizer of the famous dances at the Grange Hall in Greenfield, MA

David Millstone

David Milllstone started contra dancing in the early 1970s and has been calling dances for some 40 years. His monthly dance from 1980 to 2015 was with the band Northern Spy in Norwich, Vermont, one of America’s longest running contra dance series. With an American repertoire ranging from traditional New England chestnuts to high-energy recent compositions, he calls contras, squares, and interesting dances in odd formations.

Carol Ormand

Since she started out calling at Tapestry here in Minneapolis, we think of Carol as one of our own.  Carol is a caller of national renown.  A genius at choreography, you can count on dancing one of Carol’s compositions wherever you find yourself dancing.

Northern Aire

Cookin’ tunes for Contras and Squares

Bob Walser, Tim Reese and Pat O’Loughlin join forces for a fresh take on music for square and contra dances. Tim’s fiery fiddle and Pat’s driving banjo and concertina take tunes ancient and modern to new territory while Bob takes the rhythm and harmony on guitar and piano – and a bit of squeezebox for extra flavor!