Call of the Loon 2019

April 12-14, 2019 Minneapolis, Minnesota


Bands РWake Up Robin and Rare Privilege 
Callers – Beth Molaro and Beau Farmer

Wake Up Robin


Coming from the East Coast, West Coast and down south, this young group has hatched onto the Contra scene on fire. With a variety of musical styles, this group will reach into your soul, and move your feet, as you watch your body move on its own. So come and let this group introduce you to joyful harmonies, raw energy, and that magical feeling that got you (or will get you) involved in this crazy life.

Beth Molaro

Coming from Ashville, NC, Beth is a teacher of Traditional American Dance specializing in calling Square and Contra Dances.  She makes every dance fun and exciting with her smooth siren voice and contagious enthusiasm.

Rare Privilege


Rare Priviledge is made up of Maria Terres on fiddle and Amy McFar land on piano. Their music has often been described as “way more sound that we ever thought two instruments could make.” Devotion to their individual instruments, a sense of innovation and a deep love and respect for the living tradition of folk music and dance combine to give their music life.

Beau Farmer

What can I say, this man has it all.  He’s a caller with a sense of humor and a love of cats.  He’s not just a caller, he’s a dancer, and when he hits the dance floor, ladies look out!  Beau is known for his great teaching style, call of dances and love of medleys.